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Dean and I would both like to wish you a very...
We hope you have a great day!

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Michael Vartan- He's just so awsome and sexy and cute! Seriously how could Jennifer Garner pick Ben Affleck over this guy? He's  so nice and funny. He just stays true to who he is. I used to be able to say without a doubt that he is #1 an my hot list but i've become increasingly
indecisive, now it's more like a three four way tie with Jensen Ackles, Bradley Cooper and Ben Barnes and then there are also the possibly not as sexy but just as awsome Greg Grunberg and Luke (of Gilmore Girls).
Jewelry-I love jewelry I just feel incomplete if I go out of the house without wearing at least one bracelet on each arm. In third through sixth grade I used to put as many jelly or stretchy bead bracelets on each arm as possible I think my record was either 105 or 120. I usually don't wear more than 6 now. I also make jewelry, mostly stretchy bracelets with larger beads like pearls, glass, and semi-precious stones.

 Songs-Much to broad :). I have 848 songs in my iTunes playlist now. I mostly like 80's music or catchy stuff. I think most of todays popular music sucks. A big plus in songs for me is weird lyrics, old Jewel songs are some of  the best at this
"Spivey Leeks was a drip of a man
He looked like a potato shoved into jeans
He recollects, it wasn't that long ago
That he could walk by, make the young girls scream"-Everybody Needs Someone Sometime

"Theres a big man wearing a white suit
And patenet leather shoes
He wants to take his monkeys
To see the kids at the zoo
Cause the gypsy on the corner said,
Hey, mister, you cant lose"-Do You

My favorite song is It's My Life by No Doubt after hearing it in my favorite episode of Alias(3x11 Full Disclosure) I had to buy a CD and now they've been my favorite band for a while.

cell phone- I'm not too big on cell phones, I have a really cheap one it only calls and texts, no camera if I want that i'll get out a real camera. I haven't had minutes for about 2 months I think. It's a tracfone so you just by mins online when you need them it's a pretty good deal  because I only use them to call my parents to pick me up or text friends about going out. I just forget to ask about buying new ones. We would like to switch to a plan with unlimited minutes for the whole family, I would text a bit more then but the phones themselves cost way too much to buy four of them. Cell phones are overated.

fandom- I'll just stick to TV it's pretty much all I do on lj
Alias of course is my biggest fandom. It's the best show that ever existed and ever will. I was never into spies before Alias I had never seen James Bond. I don't think I'd even seen anything spy-related. Everyone I've given the DVDs to has been hooked from the first episode. It's about much more than spies and random explosions, if it were just that I wouldn't watch. I've never been a big fan of action movies.
Gilmore Girls is probably my second favorite it's just really hilarious and cool. It's usually great to watch if you need cheered up. I watched seasond 6 and 7 on tv and am now almost done with the third on DVD.
Supernatural-Great interesting storylines and a lot of really funny episodes. I'm definetly a Dean girl :D, I think Jared was a lot cuter when he was younger in the first few seasons of Gilmore Girls. Dean is just cooler, funnier and way hotter. When Sam died I think I was sadder that he never got Dean his pie. Sorry if i've offended any Sam girls feel free to argue with me or talk about fandoms :).

I also pretty faithfully watch Lost, Chuck and Fringe

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Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: Can't Stop the World-The Go-Gos

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Dear, alias009

I don't really know how to tell you this, but I'm in love with your sister. 
I think I realized it First of May In your closet and I saw you sit at my father. 
I'm sure you're Ashamed enough to understand that your pimples are at the last stage. 
I'm returning your memories from the military service to you, but I'll keep your neighbor Martin as a memory.
You should also know that I always wanted to break our friendship.
Greetings to your freaky family,

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Current Music: Sister Rosetta-Noisettes

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Well this week at school we took the FCAT awsomely fun standardized tests for 3 days! grr I was in a boring classroom with lots of rude people there was only one girl there i talked to so we played cards most of those days which i usually lost  =P and and after the tests most of the people for some reason wanted to watch teletubbies and other shows like that i have no idea

I also got my hair cut Friday YAY! my bangs were getting super long so i cut them really short so i have real bangs now instead of side bangs which now i'm starting to like better but my hair grows super fast so i'll have to put them back on the side in no time plus i got a lot more layers so it looks nice

And for anyone who watches Lost it's kind of annoying how similar it gets to Alias sometimes the episode was good but like exactly the same plot as Alias

Current Location: Miami
Current Mood: crazy crazy
Current Music: Sister Rosetta(Capture The Spirit)-Noisettes

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Here's a meme i did a while ago to introduce me:) This will be my personal journal I have another one, myalias_isjulia, that i use for my graphics


Name:Emmaline is my full name but most people call me Emma i don't really mind which you call me

Age:14 (15 in may) a lot of people say i look older though i don't really pay much attention to my age i don't care i'll act as old or young as i want :p

Location:Florida, US

History of LJ Names (how many have you had, why did you choose them?):fangirl47 because I'm a fangirl and 47 the rambaldi #(alias)

Top 5 Fandoms:Alias obviously+anything alias related :D, Supernatural, Lost, Gilmore Girls and 13 going on 30

Top 5 Ships: (no real particular order) syd/vaughn, syd/will, syd/weiss, jack/irina, sawyer/kate

Top 5 TV Shows:Alias, Supernatural, Lost, Gilmore Girls and Pushing Daisies

Top 5 Movies:13 going on 30, Juno, Across the Universe, Nightmare before Christmas and The Kingdom

Top 5 Artists:No Doubt,KT Tunstall, Liz Phair, Jewel, Gwen Stefani

Top 5 LJ Sites:sydney_stills (my community),garner_stills, Alias_challenge, the_retelling, kitty_icontest

Top 5 reasons you love LJ:to show my graphics and see other peoples and to compete in challenge communities. to meet new fun people and share the fangirl love <3

Favourite Quote/Quote you live by: don't really have one

Anything Else:did i mention i liked Alias lol i'm a pretty weird person and i just try to enjoy life as much as possible

I'll probably just ramble on about my life and fandoms here feel free to friend me if you want and i will quite possibly add you back :)
and yes i know this journal is ugly right now i'll change it when i have time

Current Location: Miami FL
Current Mood: good good
Current Music: Seven Days of Lonely-I Nine

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